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Uganda has a rich culture that is varied and full of contrast. Ranging from the expansive plains of eastern Uganda where the Karamajong pastoralists live in manyattas to the communities of Batwa pygmies, Uganda`s oldest extant group, bivouac on the forest margins of the mountainous south-east Karamoja

Set on a large plateau in the Northeaster part of Uganda between the mountains of Sudan and the Eastern Rift escarpment of Kenya, Karamoja has been the home of a proudly unique people still surviving as pastoralists. They are tall rangy men who are fiercely possessive of their cattle since it is treated as treasure and measure of wealth in the region. The climate in this area is dry and windswept but reveals beautiful panoramas, sunsets over the mountain peaks and amazingly starry nights.

15 Days Eastern Uganda Adventure and Cultural Safari

On this tour we will start with the adventure safari in Eastern Uganda. River Nile offers some of the best adrenaline rush activities and later hikes to watch the Sipi falls and abseiling experiences. After these exhilarating experiences, we shall embark on the cultural aspects of the tour. The Karamojong have a rich cultural heritage living in closed homesteads known as manyatta`s. We shall vitit them to see how they live and carry on their daily chores. You shall crown this experience with a safari experience first in Pian Upe game reserve and finally in the true African wilderness of Kidepo valley national park.

  • Water rafting
  • Source of River Nile
  • Sipi falls
  • Game drives
  • Cultural and Community experiences

8 Days of Uganda Culture and Gorilla Safari

This 8 day Uganda culture and gorilla safari will offer you two prime experiences of Uganda i.e. mountain gorilla trekking and community engagement. Your first stop will be an experience with the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest. After this experience, you will visit a community to experience life for everyday Ugandans in their community and remnants of the cultural practices.

  • Game drive and Boat ride
  • Cultural and community trail
  • Gorilla trekking
  • Picture moments at the Equator

5 Days Culture and Hiking the Sipi Falls

If you are craving adventure with culture then this trip is for you. On this 9 day culture and hiking tour in Uganda, you will get the best of both experiences. Your first experience will be with local communities in the countryside by the slopes of Mt Elgon. Thereafter you will spend 4 days hiking and experiencing the beautiful Mt Elgon with its views of waterfalls, vegetation, and caves.

  • Source of River Nile
  • Sipi Falls
  • Sabiny Culture
  • Hiking Mt Elgon

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Uganda`s national parks reflects the fact that two of Africa`s primary habitats - savanna and tropical forest - meet in western Uganda.